Grand Teton Service Group offers residential habilitation and supported living programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our residential habilitation homes are staffed with individuals who are specifically trained for each participant that they work with. We strive to teach our participants to be as independent as possible through individualized plans created by our Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals.


Grand Teton Service Group provides a variety of different levels of support for our participants. The Department of Health and Welfare determines what level of support is needed for each participant. The level of supports that are determined for residential habilitation are high support and intense support.High support is when one staff member working with up to three participants. Intense support is when a staff member works one on one with a participant.

The Department of Health and Welfare also determines if individuals are eligible for supported living services. These services are offered to individuals who are higher functioning and are more independent. The overall level of support is lower, and there is a set number of hour per day or week that the participant has a staff member to work with them. This type of service is also referred to as hourly support.


Grand Teton Service Group works with individuals with mild to severe behaviors. Our participants who exhibit behaviors, have participant specific behavior plans, which are used daily to help decrease behaviors. We use the positive behavior reinforcement method, which is what extinguishes negative behavior and promotes the positive behaviors that are exhibited.


  • A RN and LPN are available 24 hours a day, and do in-house oversight.
  • Grand Teton Service Group offers payee services to all of our participants.
  • Grand Teton Service Group contracts with Healthy Care Solutions for participants with  visual and hearing impairments.
  • A community integration program is used to help connect our participants with community resources to help them engage in  fun, meaningful activities.
  • Transportation is provided to any activities and all medical appointments.
  • A dietitian approved menu system is available for all participants to use.